Subterranean Cologne

from left to right: foundation of a Roman pedestrian gate, well from the 8th century, Roman sewage canal, Anno adit, foundation of the praetorium = home of the Roman proconsul, Mitte), foundation of Great St. Martin with a Roman pool


When Cologne was founded in 20/19 B.C. the walking level was about 5 m lower than today. If you want to explore the treasures from this period as well as a few from the middle ages nowadays you have to go below ground.


This tour takes you first to a public car park where a short part of the foundations of the Roman city wall are exposed. Learn more about the fascinating technologies the Romans have applied here in the second half of the first century.


Next we have a short glimpse at the foundations of the cathedral of Cologne. I will give you a summary of the construction history of this building, which is the greatest touristical attraction in Germany with about 6 million visitors per year.


A highlight is for sure the descent into the Roman sewage canal, which is nine meters below the street level. Built in the first century it is still accessible at a length of 140 m meters. In the 19th century it served as a cooling chamber and during World War II as air raid shelter. Don´t worry: the "software" does not exist any more.


The "praetorium" was the building where the representative of Rome (proconsuls) lived and ruled. At the end of this tour you will see the foundations of these buildings (in total there where four), which are well preserved below today´s city hall of Cologne. 

Meeting point  and price

"Subterranean Cologne" starts at the copy of the finial of the cathedral just outside the main portal (postal address is Kardinal-Hoeffner-Platz).


The tour takes about 2 hours and starts latest at 2:30 a.m. due to the opening times of the "praetorium".


Recommenable at any weather conditions as most of the time we are in warm and dry places.


Tomb of Lucius Poblicius, a Roman veteran



up to 10 participants: € 155,--

11-15 participants: € 175,--

15-20 participants: € 195,--


Entrance fee for the praetorium is included


Cash payment before the tour starts