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Cologne is one of the oldest towns in Germany, founded by the Romans in 20/19 B.C. They ruled the CCAA (Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis, the Latin name) for about 500 years. Remains of this period can still be visited today, including a sewage canal 9 m below ground.


In later periods this area was controlled by the Franks, the archbishops of Cologne, the citizens themselves, who created their own constitution, for twenty years by the French (Napoleon was here twice) and the Prussians.  All these changes left their marks in the history of the town.


In the middle ages Cologne was the most important town in Europe for trade, and good connections  have been maintained with England: the favourite good was wine from the Rhine and Moselle Region.


Today Cologne is the fourth biggest town of Germany and specially known for ist cathedral (under UNESCO worldheritage since 1996), the "Eau de Colgne", the carnival, and, not to forget, ist local brew called "Kölsch".

My name is Michael Markolwitz. I´m an independent guide for the region of Cologne, hence fast and flexible. The quality of the tours I offer is secured  by my certification according to EN 15565.  I would be only too pleased to show you around in the beautiful city on the banks of the Rhine river on the occasion of your stay. In case of interest please do not hesitate to contact me (contact information on top of any page).  More about me you find --> here


As an additional service I offer my support for any necessary reservations, e.g. hotels or restaurants.

By means of the following overview I would like to introduce you to the tours I offer in English language.

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  • Cologne Topics will introduce you to the highlights of Cologne by means of a 120 minute walk through the old city Center.
  • The Brewhouse Tour Old Town, is by far Cologne´s most wanted one. In practice you will learn most everything about the local brew called "Kölsch" as we visit at least three different brewhouses.
  • Subterranean Cologne shows you some hidden treasures of this town. You will see lithic witnesses from the Roman period and the middle ages.