From left to right: Poster at Farina, the inventors of "Eau de Cologne", skyline with the Cologne cathedraL and  Romanesque church Great St. Martin (o.r.), Tünnes & Schäl (legendary Cologne characters) (u.l.), tower of the historic city hall /detail

The Romans, the cathedral, Eau de Cologne, carnival and Kölsch (the local brew) - during this tour through the old town you will get an introduction into the basics of Cologne and its long history, lasting now for 2.000 years.


This tour is specially dedicated to all visitors who are here for the first time, and in only 120 minutes you will learn about the most important highlights of Cologne.


One of the topics will be the cathedral of Cologne, the biggest attraction of Germany with up to 20.000 visitors per day (we will see it from the outside, but you can enter it during the regular opening hours free of charge). I will give you some information about the construction, which took 632 years.


Next we will make a stop at one of the brew houses where you will get some information about habits  in these places, about the waiters, having the reputation to be a little  bit special and Kölsch in general.


Then this tour leads you to Farina, the oldest perfume house in the world. They claim to have invented the famous "Eau de Cologne", and you will get the opportunity to test it.


Finally I will introduce you to the carnival in Cologne, which not only has a long tradition, but is also an important economical factor in this region  with an average turnover of 500 million € each year. 

Meeting point  and price

"Cologne Topics" starts at the copy of the finial of the cathedral just outside the main portal (postal address is Kardinal-Hoeffner-Platz).


The tour takes about 2 hours


Elves of Cologne fountain(top), Cologne cathedral ,main portal (bottom left), Hoherzollern bride(bottom right)



up to 10 participants: € 150,--

11-15 participants: € 170,--

15-20 participants: € 190,--


Cash payment before the tour starts